Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bulbophyllum leopardinum

Bulbophyllum leopardinum backbulb community pot

One of the social events put on by the SCOS each year is the potting party. We come together and share pieces of some of those plants which have grown too large. We have a great time doing it.

Bulbophyllum leopardinum grows from India to Thailand at high altitudes. It is cool to warm growing and likes shady conditions. It can bloom spring, summer or fall. The flowers are short compared to the plant. The plant form a mat with rhizomes growing every which way. I got a substantial piece of one of these at the potting party.

I had to break the piece into very small divisions. This pot has about a dozen of them together in sphagnum. They are growing and about ready to pot individually. I also did a pot using pea gravel. That pot is not doing nearly as well, so those will be moved to sphagnum too.

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