Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cattleya Drumbeat

What does this tag say?

I have here a tag that I cannot read. I have searched every way I can think of. What I know is that this looks like Lc Drumbeat and that there is no Cattleya hybrid with the words separated. I can find no reference to a name that could possibly be what is on the tag.

Cattleya DrumbeatCattleya Drumbeat (renamed from Lc) is Cattleya (Bonanza x Horace) registered by Stewart in 1967. The very popular and awarded clones are "Heritage" and "Triumph". Given that there is what could be a flask number on the tag, I wonder if it is not a remake of this hybrid. It is very pretty with very large flowers.

This particular plant is interesting because there are two bamboo skewers crossing over the plant at the top of the medium. This tells me that when it was potted, it did not have enough roots to be steady in the pot. It is possibly a backbulb division and definitely a rescue. I will repot and divide this plant as soon as I see new growth. It should be very interesting to see what has gone on since it was potted.

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