Monday, January 18, 2010

Cattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger

Cattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger - Flower photo by Richard LindbergCattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI only made this division last September and it is blooming already.

I remember this because I cataloged it and have notes. What is not clear is what happened to the rest of the plant. It is not in the catalog. I hate it when I am guilty of sloppy record keeping.

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Since I just divided five different Coelogyne mooreana plants, I have put together a page on the website about dividing them.


  1. That is a nice one. Oh, and thanks for the shout out.

  2. This is a classic, registered in 1958.

    You are welcome, and I am happy to be one of your first followers.

  3. Richard,

    A very nice C. Bob Betts offspring. I traded for a C. Clark Herman 2 p-bulb division last yr and had two flowers this year. Also a very classic white flower.

    Also, a great article on your division of Coel. mooreana. I was able to grow and flower my Coel. mossiae this year.


  4. There are some nice Cattleya plants in the collection I maintain in Sonoma.

    Do you have a good picture of the Coel mossiae flowers? doesn't have one. The plant sounds interesting even without seeing knowing what the flower looks like.