Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coelogyne mooreana continued

Great root system!

Three blooming size divisions and four backbulbsThis plant was potted in sphagnum moss in a clay pot. There were a bunch of foam peanuts in the bottom taking about a quarter of the space. It was growing in the "wet zone" in the Sonoma greenhouse in moderately bright light.

I was not concerned about the roots but you never know until the plant is out of the pot. In this case the roots were better than I expected. There were roots growing from all the pseudobulbs and the pot was full of them but not too tightly intertwined. I was able to get the roots open and cleaned without doing any real damage to the roots.

The result is three of blooming size (2-3 pseudobulbs and a new growth) and 4 backbulbs.


  1. A nice cool grower. I think my conditions are too warm for this one.

  2. That is possible I suppose. Is it that it doesn't grow well or that it doesn't bloom. I find it likes a little more light than the literature indicates.

  3. I just haven't attempted any Coelogyne's as my temps regularly hit 100F in summer. My reading suggests this genus won't do well under those conditions. Then again, if there is warm growing member of the genus it would be worth a try.