Friday, January 8, 2010

Colmanara Wildcat 'Green Valley'

Colmanara Wildcat 'Green Valley' - The new growth is just the right sizeThis is one of a group of four similar plants I had given to me a couple of months ago. They all needed re-potting but they were not at the right stage.

Colmanara Wildcat is a very successful cross made many years ago by Rod McClellan made up of Miltonia x Odontoglossum x Oncidium species. There are many color varieties, they grow well indoors and the flowers last a long time. Any of the Wildcat varieties is a great plant to get when you want to go beyond Phals and Dens.

Now that new growth has developed more than an inch tall I can repot the plant. The new growth is just putting out new roots. The idea of repotting at the start of active growth is counter-intuitive.

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