Thursday, January 14, 2010

cymbidium seedlings

Cym Tese Gorszwick = (Hazel Tyers x Cleo's Melody) x Fifi 'Harry', AM/AOS = (madidum X Argonaut)Tuesday night at the SCOS meeting I won two Cymbidium seedlings from the opportunity table. I am not a Cymbidium collector but after hearing Paul Chim talking about them I have developed some enthusiasm for them.

Both of them are pendant, one red and one lime green. They are both regular sized Cyms so I may have space issues keeping them dry through the winter until they can be outside. I wish I had an outdoor sheltered area for them. I will put them as far from the heater as I can.

Cym Khairpour 'High Stakes' = (Chiefs Aura x Ruby Eyes) x Ruby Pendant 'Phuon'= (Last Tango x Ruby Eyes)Paul talked about how he handles seedling to get them to blooming size quickly. He skips the compot stage and goes directly to individual potting. He uses coconut husk so that they can grow for some time without repotting again. He only allows one new growth per plant per year. We all gasped when he pulled a new growth off of one of his demonstration plants.

I am going to keep these for at least a year before deciding about selling them. They have very good breeding and should produce a great display of hanging flowers. If I wait too long they will be too big to ship.


  1. Last November, I purchased six different young cymbidiums from a well known supplier here in Oz. I've been watching the new leaves grow but yesterday discovered several have new side shoots. I couldn't bring myself to even think about pulling of one of the new growths! :-) Two of my established cyms have put out spikes - they were gifts and I have no idea what they will look like. Talk about anticipation!

  2. I wouldn't pull a new growth off either. But my income doesn't depend on these plants getting to blooming size as fast as possible.