Friday, January 1, 2010

Cymbidium tigrinum

Orchids - The Bulletin of the American Orchid SocietyThe magazine from the AOS is one of two magazines that I read from cover to cover. In the December issue one page 698 is a very useful article on Cymbidium tigrinum.

I have one of these that I bought on impulse. I was doing a group buy at a greenhouse going out of business sale and got carried away. When I got it home and read that it was cold to cool growing and needed full sun I figured that I would not be able to every be successful with this species. I repotted it and put it in the brightest spot I could find.

The article describes conditions that I can provide. What I have to do is get the plant out of the greenhouse into a sheltered location where it won't get rained on. The greenhouse with a temperature seldom going lower than 55 is too warm. So there is hope for this plant after all.

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