Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dendrobium Green Elf

Dendrobium Green Elf - Photo by Richard Lindberg

Dendrobium Green Elf is a primary hybrid of Dendrobium convolutum x Dendrobium alexandrae. The flowers are extremely long lasting and have an interesting shape. Both these species grow in Papua and New Guinea although at different altitudes and at different times of the year.

I am not normally a big fan of creating more genera, but I do think I would make an exception for Dendrobiums. There are what seem to be several groups of orchids all called Dendrobium. These Pacific Dendrobiums, sometimes called Latourea, seem to be a group worthy of being a genus.


  1. Beautiful! I'll have to keep my eyes open for one down here.

  2. A plant I have that I like very much is Den Stephen Bachelor, I had to figure out the watering, but I did before killing it. It is back in spike.

  3. Richard,

    RHS has Den Stephen Batchelor as a cross of Den alexandrae x Den johnsoniae. Not sure who's spelling is correct. Found a flower picture at OB. Flower is white with a off-white lip infused w/ purple markings. Very striking. But the colors of your Den Green Elf are really exotic looking. What is the watering secret ?


  4. The watering is like voting. Do it early and often in a VERY bright location and a medium that holds hardly any water. I use limestone pieces.

  5. As far as the spelling of the name goes, if there is a conflict between my tag and RHS, they win. I'll change my spelling.