Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Extreme backbulb

Looks dead, right?I was out in the greenhouse yesterday clearing the bench nearest the door. All the plants had been moved to Sonoma and I was picking up a few odds and ends so I could take the bench out.

One was this pot. I remember dividing one the Anacheiliums, a very common one, about two years ago. I potted the backbulbs and set the pot under the bench. That is where it has been since mostly out of sight and out of mind. I notice it now and then but have never done anything with it.

As I was about to put this into a box of pots to be cleaned and reused, I was amazed to see three new growths. And coming off the deadest looking part of the backbulbs.

When it blooms in about 3 years I will be able to identify it. There are only a few things it could be.

I am constantly learning more about just how hardy many orchid plants are. More and more I am aware that if I kill an orchid I must be treating it really poorly. Orchids want to live.

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