Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Laelia anceps 'Tomiko'

Laelia anceps 'Tomiko'Laelia anceps 'Tomiko' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThis is sold widely as a Laelia anceps variety and it is better know that way. However, it is Schombolaelia (Schomburkia lyonsii x Laelia anceps). I have only had it for two months so this is the first I have seen the flowers.

This was a single backbulb that has grown back to blooming size. The backbulb is right in the middle of the pot, larger than any of the others. It is in a clay pot in sphagnum moss. There are four new pseudobulbs, all or them small. It is typical for new backbulb growths to be small.

This is ready to be re-potted. I will do it when the new growth starts in a couple of months. I can't tell without seeing the roots, but I will likely cut off the backbulb and move the whole plant over in the same pot.


  1. The anceps parent is very dominant in this cross.

  2. Richard,

    I really like the color and form of the flower. Very nice.


  3. It is very nice, and will be nicer next year. I got it from a very good Cattleya grower, but the fourth generation should really be back to full size, and it is not.

  4. What a pretty flower!

  5. It is pretty and an early winter bloomer. I would like to have one still blooming for our show in February.