Sunday, January 31, 2010

Restrepia sanguinea Photo

Restrepia sanguinea - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOne of my Restrepia sanguinea plants is in bloom. When I pulled up the picture of the flower I was reminded of one of the reasons I started this blog. I wanted to write an orchid book.

Not a real book, but a vanity book for my friends and family to buy. I had seen a couple of mentions of the self-publishing website and the ease of creating a book and the no up-front cost no minimum order fit my casual and low cost life.

Restrepia sanguinea - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe pictures for it were a challenge. While I have all the photos I have ever taken in digital form in folders by month, the fact that I had to find them again and reprocess them at 300DPI and in one of the fixed sizes allowed by the publishing software made it quite a chore to do. I found that a perfectly good web photo cannot always be made into a print photo even starting from the original. I see that this is the case here and I will see if I can take a new flower picture.

The blog quickly took on a life of its own and I don't know if I will finish the book or not. I enjoy doing the blog for its own sake and I do not often think about the book idea. One of the bloggers I follow recently wondered out loud whether she should continue. I can't answer for her, but for me it helps me stay focused on a big part of my life. The blog has a discipline that, each morning, makes me stop and smell the orchids.

Book pages for the book I am slowly writing

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  1. By far, my favorite post thus far from the archives. Deeper reasons why we orchid or garden or photograph. Interests that become part of our soul, and allow us to give back...or pay forward - depending on your philosophy. Is the page shown above on "Hanging Flowers" available to magnify, or show true to life? I'd like to read it and see the varieties you have highlighted.