Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sobralia xantholuca 'Broa' x leucoxantha alba 'Broa'

Sobralia xantholuca 'Broa' x leucoxantha alba 'Broa' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergAfter hearing Bruce Roger's presentation and winning a raffle prize I got carried away with enthusiasm. There were still lots of plants on the table and I picked the largest one.

Sobralia xantholuca 'Broa' x leucoxantha alba 'Broa' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergSobralia (Sob) contains about 100 species that look very much like bamboo. They are terrestrial and grow in tropical areas of Mexico and South America.

I had an almost immediate case of 'buyers remorse' especially as I tried to find a good place for it in the greenhouse. But now that I have had it for a few months I find it a very satisfactory plant. The plant itself is attractive and it has bloomed regularly all year, with the latest flower coming yesterday.


  1. do the blooms last just a few days? how tall is it? nice canes/ leaves!

  2. The plant is about 5' tall. The flowers are quite ephemeral opening at dawn and starting to close before noon. By evening they are wilted. The plant blooms successively.

    There are Sobralia enthusiasts who live in southern areas where they can be grown outdoors.