Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brassavola Little Stars continued

Brassavola Little Stars out of the pot - looks goodThe Brassavola Little Stars was ready to be repotted. The pot was filled and was coming over the edge. The pot would no longer stand up with too much weight to one side.

An easy and effective solution for a top heavy plant is to set it inside a larger pot. This works for all the let-dry-between-watering varieties of orchids and all the Brassavolas are in that category. I have some of my Dendrobiums potted that way.

I wanted to see the condition of the roots and I had decided to try this plant mounted. When I took the plant out of the pot, the roots looked pretty good. There seemed to be a good amount of new root but the root ball was not so dense that there would be a lot of damage when it was opened.

Brassavola Little Stars out of the pot - looks goodUnfortunately, that was the end of the good news. When the older roots inside were exposed, I saw that they were all dead.

Now that I can see the whole plant the plan has changed. Instead of a single larger mount I am going to remove the youngest 5 pseudobulbs and mount them. The rest of the plant will have the roots cleaned of the dead velamen leaving the root threads to help hold the plant in place. All that will be put in a pot of rocks and staked.

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