Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cattleya luteola backbulb sprouted

Cattleya luteola - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

I got a Cattleya luteola last summer and divided it. There were two leads which I mounted. There was a backbulb division left over.

Cattleya luteola grows in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, in lowland tropical rain forests. It needs a dry winter rest. Now that winter is over, the backbulb division has sprouted.

There were a lot of dead roots on the backbulb division. I left those on for stability. Now I'll remove them. I couldn't mount the division until it sprouted because it is important that the new growth is toward the bark. If it is not, the plant will grow out into the air and will not have a good look to it.

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