Monday, February 15, 2010

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney)

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney) - Flower photo by Richard LindbergLillian has a Miltonia mounted on a 4-inch log of some sort. It is Miltonia spectabilis x Miltonia Jim MacKinney. Miltonia Jim MacKinney is half Miltonia regnellii. It has been there quite some time and I was hoping for a good show last summer.

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney) lead removed for repottingIt bloomed well enough but not all that many spikes for a plant of that size. When I looked more closely, I realized that there was a lot of previously bloomed growth. I had missed seeing the best blooming by a couple of years.

A good portion of the plant has grown away from the mount and is hanging in mid-air. I removed the leads from that part of the plant and have potted them. I probably should re-do the whole mount. If I want to do it, now is the time with new growth starting all over the plant.


  1. The lead pictured looks great ! You should see flowers from that this summer. I did the same thing with an old, decaying Miltonia Honolulu 'Warne's Best' (75% spectabilis, 12-1/2% flavescens, 12-1/2% clowesii). The small leads I was able to save are growing like weeds. My flowers are solid purple w/ lighter purple lip.


  2. There are 7 all about the same. They are potted in bark on top of peanuts. I expect them to bloom. As you can see, the flowers are close to the standard spectabulis in color.