Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Never give up, never surrender

Don't throw out a backbulb that is not totally brownThat is the slogan of Captain Peter Quincey Taggart, commander of the starship NSEA Protector. It nicely states my philosophy of backbulb propogation.

This is a Maxillaria picta, one of a group of 8 unsprouted backbulb pots from last year. There were about 40 to start with and most sprouted. The remaining 8 are starting to look as if they are about ready to give up the ghost.

But I was pleased to see that this one had sprouted. Peeking out of the corner is a new growth.

Why have 30 of the same plant? Because they are valuable. Just last weekend I traded one of the more developed plants for a nice species Cattleya. I have traded, sold and given away about half of them now.

Don't throw away the left-over pieces when you are done repotting. Tag them and grow them. Someone will be happy to have them.


  1. All true - if one has the space.

  2. There is always space for more orchids. If you can walk through your growing space without almost knocking over a pot, you don't have enough orchids.