Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Osmoglossum pulchellum

Osmoglossum pulchellum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThere are lots of reasons to be a member of an Orchid Society. The social events are one of the best. They give me the opportunity to get to know other orchid people beyond seeing them at meetings.

One of my favorites is the BBQ that the SCOS puts on at the end of summer. That's where I got this Osmoglossum pulchellum; at the silent auction of plants grown by other members.

Osmoglossum pulchellum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergOsmoglossum pulchellum grows in Mexico down into Central America in mountain forests above 3500 feet. It is cold to warm growing, very fragrant and blooms in the fall and winter. When spikes appear, set a stake since it will need support.

I divided the plant into two leads and six backbulbs. Both of the leads put up spikes. None of the backbulbs has sprouted. I am not worried about that because the leads haven't started new growth yet. Often, backbulbs will sprout in the same season as new growth on a collection plant.


  1. This is a nice species, but my conditions are too warm to grow it well.

  2. Good for you to know that. I cannot seem to get the "read first, buy later" idea in my head. I kill more than my share of plants, but I get some interesting new ones that way.

  3. hey, I got one of this beatiful orchids 3 month ago, but still no flowers.
    Is there any way to make them blossom?

    Thanks for help!

  4. sez "They require cool temperatures, even watering and fertilizer while in active growth, a fine grade medium and medium shade." What are your growing conditions. It might still bloom next month.

  5. Grows and blooms fine here in Georgia!