Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brassavola tuberculata 'Alaura' x self

This Brassavola tuberculata came to me as part of a trade. It was a bonus plant, a tiny seedling. I have been 'growing' it for about a year and it is just now showing signs of changing. Up to this point it was just sitting in the pot.

Brassavola tuberculata 'Alaura' x self - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Brassavola (B) contains 18 species which grow in all the tropical lowlands of the New World. They are fragrant, mostly at night with a citrus fragrance. Brassavola tuberculata grows in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia in a broad range of temperatures and humidity. It needs very bright light, is fragrant and blooms from the spring into summer.

Reviewing the literature about the species, I see that at the very least the light level has been too low. I am trying to decide if I should mount it now or wait another year. I am leaning toward doing it now while the new growth is occurring.


  1. Based on some things you've showed and written, I have re-potted some of my Cattleyas into clay pots with the bottom half filled with marble chips and the top half filled with tightly packed sphagnum. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works - I am optimistic.

  2. It should work well. Just be sure the sphagnum is crunchy before watering.