Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cymbidium dayanum

Cymbidium dayanum was grown in tightly packed sphagnum mossCymbidium dayanum was grown in tightly packed sphagnum mossI divided my Cymbidium dayanum last summer. I potted the pieces in tightly packed sphagnum moss. I have taken a couple of them out of the pot to replace rocks with peanuts and the roots I found were excellent.

Cymbidium dayanum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergCymbidium dayanum grows from India through Southeast Asia to Japan. The plant grows in full sun and is cold to warm growing. This Cymbidium is an epiphyte blooming in summer and fall. The flowers are pendulant and fragrant.

I am getting very good results with tightly packed sphagnum moss. I filled the pot half way with peanuts (if I am going to sell) or rocks (if I am going to keep it). Then I surround the plant with a ball of sphagnum that could never fit in the pot and **JAM** it in. Then I trim the sphagnum for a flat surface on top.

As you can imagine, I use a lot of sphagnum. I will go through two or three 50 gallon bales a year. Bought in that size it is not so expensive, about $1.35 a gallon.


  1. I guess small plastic pots with sphag and peanuts works, but big pots may stay too wet. Your larger pots are clay?

  2. Steve Christoffersen uses clay even for 1-inch pots. I have found that I can go up to 3 1/2 inches in plastic if the light is high and the sphagnum is tight.

  3. Why do you pack the sphagnum so tightly? To reduce air space, so pot will hold less water?

  4. Yes, that is it, so that there is less water. The roots don't have any problem growing through tight sphagnum, plants have been know to crack concrete.