Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dendrobium Stephen Batchelor

Dendrobium Stephen Batchelor - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI got this Dendrobium Stephen Batchelor for someone who didn't take it for one reason or another. Dendrobium Stephen Batchelor - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI kept it because it was too big to ship in the size of box I use. Eventually it bloomed and I was pleased with the long-lasting and interestingly shaped flowers. The plant needs to be tied up or it tends to sprawl all over the bench.

Dendrobium Stephen Batchelor is the cross Dendrobium alexandrae x Dendrobium johnsoniae. Both of these are from Papua and New Guinea blooming in fall and winter.


  1. I like the flower shape -- very nice. Need to find you a bigger box next time your shipping to Wilmington !


  2. Yes, it is very interesting. That plant picture is a couple of years old. I'll check it with an eye to dividing it.