Friday, March 5, 2010

Laelia anceps backbulbs

Laelia anceps victoriana 'Santa Barbara Blue' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergLast fall I moved all the Laelia anceps divisions which were not is spike to Napa for a dry winter rest. Sonoma is much more humid than Napa and I wanted them to dry out well. I have been seeing signs of new growth now.

Laelia anceps victoriana 'Santa Barbara Blue' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergLaelia anceps grows well and blooms well in cultivation. It grows in Mexico and Honduras. It is warm to hot growing and needs a dry winter rest and bright light. If it is dry it can winter outside if there is no hard freeze.

Now I am going to move them back to Sonoma for the summer. I need to see how many I have of each variety and their general condition. This one, for example, needs to be re-potted. There is not room for the new growth in that pot.

All the L anceps will be inspected and moved tomorrow. Today I have a tiered bench that has been cleared and is completely dry. I will sand it and give it a triple coat of polyuretane. I have four of these, but can't get them all cleared at once.


  1. That's a very nice anceps.

  2. Good job Richard. That is a great looking flower. It is amazing how quickly you are able to get these backbulbs to sprout new leads! Do you add anything to the water or mix ??


  3. No, nothing where the backbulbs are rootless. The can't absorb anything even if it were there. Just enough water so that the sphagnum isn't rock hard.

    That is the difference between the two types. One has nothing and the other is in reality a small division that doesn't include a lead.