Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laelia sincorana

Laelia sincorana - The challenging half of the plantI got this Laelia sincorana very recently. It was the only plant I bought at the SCOS show and sale. I took it out of the pot to evaluate. I almost always do that soon after I get a new plant; you can't really tell about a plant by looking what is above the medium.

Laelia sincorana grows in Brazil on rocks and bushes in Sincorana mountain range at the 3000 to 5000 foot altitude range. It is cool to warm growing and does best mounted. Give it a completely dry winter rest.

The first thing I found was that it was actually two plants. That was good, I would have divided it with as many pseudobulbs as it had. Mouse over the plant picture to see the second half.

The second half had little root and the pseudobulbs were getting smaller, not larger. Instead of treating this as a division, it has become backbulbs. I will over-divide it and try to sprout them. That means at least two years to a decent size plant. Orchids take time.

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