Monday, March 15, 2010

Potinara Burana Beauty

Potinara Burana Beauty - Flower photo by Richard LindbergPotinara Burana Beauty was one of the first plants I bought. It was also one of my first self-made rescues. When I moved out of the house into the greenhouse and decided that I needed a formal inventory, I didn't include it. It was in really bad shape.

Potinara Burana Beauty - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe weather was great yesterday. The sun was out and it was warm. I spent the afternoon re-potting. As I looked around for another re-pot candidate, I spotted this plant. It had been sitting undisturbed for at least two years. I had put the scrap of live plant in rock and hoped for the best.

When I took it out of the pot there was a nice cage of firm white roots. I wish I had taken a picture, but I was on a re-potting roll. I moved it to bark over peanuts and I will start looking for a new home for it. It is a great plant, but doesn't fit the direction my collection has taken, and I try to remember that plant-count reduction is one of my goals.


  1. Good save. I know what you mean. I'm going to try selling some nice, healthy plants I don't really want much any more.

  2. It is not that I don't want it exactly, it is just that when the greenhouse maintenance is done and I am moving the plants back from Sonoma, I will have to make choices about what I keep or risk the general health of the collection due to the over crowding that I have had.