Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sobralia xantholuca 'Broa' x leucoxantha alba 'Broa'

Sobralia xantholuca 'Broa' x leucoxantha alba 'Broa' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI had a wonderful surprise. When I went into the greenhouse there were two flowers open on my Sobralia hybrid.

Sobralia (Sob) contains about 100 species that look very much like bamboo. They are terrestrial and grow in tropical areas of Mexico and South America.

Sobralia xantholuca 'Broa' x leucoxantha alba 'Broa' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergWhen you look up the meaning of 'ephemeral' in the dictionary, there is a picture of my Sobralia. The flowers open early in the morning and are closing before noon. I have never seen two before. The plant seems to be doing fine.

I have been worried about this plant. The greenhouse was much dryer this winter than in past, and I have lost some plants because of it. This is a plant that takes up a lot of space but is very rewarding. Last summer it bloomed regularly and was fun because I wanted a flower photo and I missed some opportunities because I didn't see the flower early enough in the day.


  1. Richard, where does that clonal name, 'Broa' come from? Did you make the hybrid?

  2. This is from Bruce Rogers. Those are his selected plant names.