Friday, March 19, 2010


Lots of new roots all through the potLots of new roots all through the potYesterday I was working with some of the Sonoma collection plants and I up-potted two of them. It is unusual for me to up-pot a plant and to have two on the same day is unusual enough for me to say something about it.

Both of these were re-potted last summer. At that time they were down-potted and cleaned up. They both had roots. Not great roots, but enough that it wasn't in the "rescue" category. More like "rehab".

Place the plant in the corner of the pot with the new growth in the centerMouse over the picture above for a better view. There wasn't room in the pot for this year's growth. I knew that when I re-potted last year. I chose the pot size based on the amount of root, not the size of the top of the plant.

These plants slipped out of their pots in one piece. The bark was slightly moist and there were enough roots after a year to hold it all together. There were green tips and no sign of breakdown in the bark. I couldn't ask for a better result.

I put a layer of peanuts in the bottom to take up some of the space and set the root ball carefully in the new pot. I filled in with dry bark and the plant will have room for the new pseudobulbs.

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