Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cattleya aclandiae 'Iguassu' x 'Valley Isle'

I had a little money in the PayPal account and decided to buy some small Cattleya species on eBay. This Cattleya aclandiae 'Iguassu' x 'Valley Isle' was the first to arrive.

Cattleya aclandiae 'Iguassu' x 'Valley Isle' - Great new root growth ready to mount right nowCattleya aclandiae grows in Brazil in dry areas near the coast. It is fragrant, warm to hot growing and blooms in spring and fall.

I pulled it out of the pot first thing and was pleased to see great roots. It was almost as if it were mounted in a pot, with the huge (in relation to the plant size) chunks of bark just there to fill some space. In reading up on the species I can see the wisdom of that. It can probably be quickly killed by over watering. I plan to mount it within a day or so. There are new roots of a perfect size for it.


  1. I've killed a few of these. You'll probably have better luck with a greenhouse. Mounting is the way to go. Looks like a typically well grown plant from Exotic Orchids of Maui

  2. It will be mounted in a day or two. I will try to place it hot and dry, as much as my greenhouse and watering arrangement will allow.

    This was from Treetop Orchids