Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cattleya dormaniana

Cattleya dormaniana - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe last of the Cattleyas I bought is a Cattleya dormaniana. It is a great plant with lots of new growth. I think that will do for now, I need to let these settle in before spending any more money on this new direction for my collection.

Cattleya dormaniana grows in Brazil to the south of Rio in the Organ Mountains. It is cold to warm growing, blooms in the fall and needs very bright light. It needs a dry winter rest period.

I am going to mount it. If I can, I will divide it first, but the rhizomes are very short.


  1. C. dormaniana is an odd plant. Along with C. maxima, the two species that seem unique in the genus in terms of their form.

    Gold Country Orchids also has these.

  2. I certainly like the look of the plant, including the color indicating it has been in high light.