Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cattleya violacea ('H&R' x 'H&R Giant')

Another new addition this week is a Cattleya violacea seedling from eBay. It is from Jewel Orchids and looks healthy. I hope I can keep it that way.

Cattleya violacea ('H&R' x 'H&R Giant') - this flower is a few years off, seedlings take time to develop to blooming sizeCattleya violacea grows throughout eastern South America near streams in tropical forests. It is warm to hot growing, fragrant and blooms in spring and summer. Give it very bright light.

The plant arrived in a 2-inch clay pot in sphagnum. The sphagnum was a bit broken down but than was not a problem since I re-pot as soon as I get a plant. I will mount it a little differently from most other Cattleya since it wants to be more wet during growing season. Most Catts get little or no sphagnum but this will get a pad of moss and some over the roots. I will place it at the top of the greenhouse near to, but not right in front of a mister. That is my guess, based on a combination of and culture information from Jewel Orchids.


  1. Keep this one warm during winter. I haven't tried this species - I know it would die in my conditions.

  2. I keep the thermostat at 57 all year. I hope that will do it. I might be too dry in winter. The rest of the collection has been wintering more dry for two years and doing generally better.