Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cattleya walkeriana flamea 'Divina'

Cattleya walkeriana v flamea 'Divina'I got some new plants over the last couple of weeks. One of them was this Cattleya walkeriana flamea 'Divina'. Along with the plant came a great feeling. This was partly because of the plant and partly because it is owned by a grower whom I admire, Steve Christoffersen.

Cattleya walkeriana v flamea 'Divina'this is the level of splash color we wantCattleya walkeriana grows in Brazil. It is fragrant and needs bright light. It doesn't like to be disturbed.

Steve gave me the plant to grow for him. because of the higher light level in my greenhouse. The idea being that light level makes a difference to flower color. The hope is that we will get more than just a hint of blush the next time it blooms. When he asked me to do this for him, I felt as if I had "arrived" as an orchid grower.

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