Thursday, April 29, 2010

The heater was off at 3am

When I got up at 3am I looked at the remote greenhouse thermometer and was surprised to see it at 46 degrees, 11 or 12 degrees less than what it should be. (I am a morning person, 3 or 4 is normal for me.)

Good old Southern Burner is very reliableI got out the flashlight and started checking. First on the list was the pilot light. It has not blown out for a couple of years since I figured out the air flow around the heater but it is easy to check. It was on.

Next was the thermostat. It is a basic thermostat but it is in a wet area and the battery is overdue to be replaced. It looked as if it were on and functioning. That took care of the easy fixes.

Last on the list of things possible at 3am was the connection between the thermostat and the heater. That looked rusty and I really should have covered the terminal strip. The heater is well out of the wet zone but there is a lot of water and mist in the greenhouse. I started fooling with it and the heater came on. It is back above 50 and now I will monitor it to make sure it goes off at the proper time.

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