Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oncidium splendidum 'Waldor' AM/AOS

Oncidium splendidum 'Waldor' AM/AOSI am happy to get new plants when they are something special such as this Oncidium splendidum 'Waldor' AM/AOS. I do not have very many of these Oncidiums but I couldn't pass this up. I saw the mother plant in bloom in the middle of a bench full of Cattleya seedlings a month ago. Huge pseudobulbs and very tall spikes full of very large flowers.

Oncidium splendidum 'Waldor' AM/AOSOncidium splendidum grows in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. It is a warm to hot growing lithophyte, needs bright light and blooms in spring and summer.

What I have is a small piece of that plant. It has some growing to do to put on the show that the mother puts on, but it should bloom next spring.

You can see from the bronze tinge that it has been growing in high light and I will continue that. I am not sure about sphagnum in my greenhouse. When I see new growth I may re-pot it in rock. Or I could decide to have it in the Sonoma greenhouse.

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