Friday, May 7, 2010

Brassavola nodosa

Maggie the dog and Mckenna the granddaughter meet for the first time

We have had a dog for about 6 weeks. That's Maggie meeting our newest grand-daughter Mckenna for the first time. They hit it off right away.

I have had to make some changes to dog-proof the greenhouse. Maggie likes to go in and explore and likes to chew on things too. With the warmer weather I need to leave the door open to let air in so I leaned a plastic barrier against the doorway. Not enough to keep a fun-loving dog out.

Late afternoon I found the barrier down and a Brassavola nodosa missing. I found it shreded all over the lawn. There was only one small piece that MIGHT grow back.

The barrier is now reinforced and I have another opportunity to practice my backbulb and rescue skills.

Maggie has lots to learn about dividing orchids


  1. Awww. Maggie does have alot to learn about dividing orchids the proper way, doesn't she? Hope your rescue efforts save it. Is that a new growth, or just a new green root in the middle?

    Btw, thank you for the Renanthera 'Twin Star' and the Kingianum. They both made it safely to Florida, with all flowers in tact!

    Have a great weekend Richard!

  2. That is a new growth in the middle. Without that, the plant is total mulch!

    I will mount the piece and see what happens.

  3. Ouch! I think you should buy another one. And a chew toy...

  4. Plenty of "authorized" chew objects around. I have the barrier much more stable now.

    I will see it this can be re-grown first. If not, I can get a piece from the plant in Sonoma.