Monday, May 31, 2010

Bulbophyllum facetum

Bulbophyllum facetum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThis Bulbophyllum facetum came from the member sale table at our annual show and sale in 2009. It has nice single flowers that show up well in the plant. There was room for growth on the mount. I considered it a real find and put it in a moist location partially shaded by other mounted plants.

Bulbophyllum facetum divided itself when the older generation diedBulbophyllum facetum grows throughout the northern island of the Philippines in the mountains. It is warm to hot growing.

During last year's growing season it added a new pseudobulb on each of the leads. It is close to outgrowing the mount. At the same time, the oldest two generations died so we have two plants on the same mount. The plan for this plant has three parts. 1) Remove the lower part of the mount where the dead pseudobulbs are; 2) Cut vertically to separate the right and left sides; 3) Remove the outer lead from each half; 4) Mount each of leads.


  1. I read somewhere that some growers will attach the old mount and all to a new larger mount so as not to disturb the plant. Is this done or is it better to remove and discard the old mount material ?


  2. Richard do you use fertiliser on your plants? As it kills of the sphagnum moss.

  3. I am not one of those growers. I think that is ugly and will detach and divide usually. If it is done with the right timing it will re-attach soon enough. However, one must do that if he is going for a specimen plant.

    Yes, I fertilize. I go weakly, weekly (at least that is what I try to do) and I use a minimum of sphagnum on mounts. Some mounts get none at all.