Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cattleya intermedia orlata 'Sendai' SM/JOGA

I got this Cattleya intermedia orlata 'Sendai' SM/JOGA about nine months ago. It was in a pot and I wanted to mount it. It was small and I had room for more mounts but not for more pots.

Cattleya intermedia grows from Sao Paulo Brazil to Uruguay and Argentina near the ocean or streams. It is fragrant, cool to warm growing and needs bright light and blooms in summer.

Cattleya intermedia adapting from being in a pot to being mounted

It had nice roots. Usually that is a good thing, but in this case I could not get the plant right up to the bark without breaking some roots and I couldn't mount the lead next to the bark without having the older parts of the plant hanging out in the air.

The plant is adapting well. Last year's growth started the change of direction and this year's growth is growing up as it should. The roots didn't seem to have much trouble finding the bark even though they had to travel to do it. I am watching the plant closely because it ought to bloom this summer and I don't want to miss any of the process.

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