Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cattleya percivaliana coerulea 'Ondine'

Cattleya percivaliana coerulea 'Ondine'I just added this backbulb division of Cattleya percivaliana coerulea 'Ondine' to my collection. It is that wonderful upgrade to my collection that I try to be ready for. I received it because the owner had some confidence that I wouldn't kill it.

Cattleya percivaliana grows in Venezuela and Colombia in the mountains above 4000 feet near rivers. It is a large sized lithophytic plant out in the full sun. It is fragrant and blooms in the fall.

Cattleya percivaliana coerulea 'Ondine' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI can say "RARE" with confidence. This plant exists in very few collections worldwide. It is highly awarded in Venezuela, having received it's AM/NOSC (National Orchid Show Caracas), and 1st place as Best National Colored Cattleya at the First Valencia National Orchid Show 1964. The flowers feature bluish lilac petals and sepals and the lip features every color imaginable, with a true blue spot at its tip. As this blue color submerges under deep yellow throat, a most beautiful magenta/blue color emerges.

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