Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cattleya skinneri coerulencens 'Orchidglade'

Cattleya skinneri roots

Cattleya skinneri coerulencens 'Orchidglade' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMy Cattleya skinneri coerulencens 'Orchidglade' has just finished blooming and I took it out of the pot to divide. You can never be sure of the condition of a plant until you see the roots. These are great roots.

Cattleya skinneri coerulencens 'Orchidglade' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergCattleya skinneri grows from southern Mexico to Costa Rica on tree trunks and rocks. It is fragrant, cool to hot growing in very bright light. It blooms in winter and spring.

There are no dead roots, the roots come from all parts of the plant, they nicely fill the pot but are not tightly wound together. Just what I want to see in a plant I want to divide. I will be able to separate the three divisions (two leads and one backbulb) without damaging the roots or disturbing them very much at all. These divisions ought to settle in quickly and grow well all summer.

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