Sunday, May 2, 2010

Encyclia selligera

Encyclia selligera - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI bought this Encyclia selligera five years ago. It was in bloom and the little ferns growing with it made it quite attractive. This was at a time when the focus of my collection was Encyclia. I still have quite a few different Encyclia species.

Encyclia selligera - Plant photo by Richard LindbergEncyclia selligera grows in Mexico, the Bahamas and Central America in low altitude forests. It is fragrant.

I learned two important lessons from growing this Encyclia. First, there is a certain sized plant that is too big to mount. Second, ferns grow much faster than orchids.

This picture is of the plant when I bought it. Now it needs to be re-worked and I will as soon as new growth appears. I will pot it and offer it for sale as part of my collection downsizing effort.


  1. My favourite genus is encyclia. Can you tell why you leaved this as your favourite? Other interests or disappointments?


  2. Many of the Encyclia species are large plants with a very long inflorescence. I got very much over-crowded. I am not getting rid of them as a goal, but will sell off the larger ones to recover space.