Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leptotes bicolor var alba

Leptotes bicolor var alba - Flower photo by Richard LindbergLeptotes bicolor var alba - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThis is the third year Leptotes bicolor in my collection. It came from an indoor grower who was letting go of many of her orchids. It was not really getting enough light.

Leptotes bicolor grows in Brazil and Paraguay in subtropical rainforest and coastal mountains. It is fragrant and needs bright light and good humidity.

It is mounted on a hardwood stick and is firmly attached. It is large enough to divide but would be a challenge to remove any pieces without doing major damage. It still has room to grow and perhaps in a couple of years it will grow away from the mount. Until then, it is a very pretty plant.


  1. Never seen an alba one of these. Is that pigment I see in the lip, or is it just a shadow?

  2. That's a shadow, the flower is white except for the green "nose and eyes" that give it a cool looking face.