Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney)

Sprouting backbulbs

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney) - Flower photo by Richard LindbergAs the growing season was about to start I shaped the mounted Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney) in the Sonoma greenhouse to improve the flower display later in the year.

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney) - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe mount is a log hung horizontally on two cables. It is well established and had growth hanging off in all directions. I cut it back taking 4 or 5 years growth in some cases. Old pseudobulbs don't produce flowers.

After I potted leads there were about 40 leafless pseudobulbs. I put these in community pots, about a dozen in each. They didn't look that good but were not dried out so I threw a little bark around them to hold them up and waited.

There are some sprouts after only three months. The percentage yield remains to be seen but I am guessing at least half will sprout. It will be another two years before they look like something. With backbulb propagation I am trading time for money. And there is the fun of watching them grow of course.


  1. I assume you will repot into individual pots after roots are established. When might roots and repotting occur? A year?

  2. No, re-potting will be fairly soon after the pseudobulb sprouts. These are not seedlings. I want the new roots to develop in the new pot.

    They were put in the community pot to save space and material because not all will sprout. Once they become a viable plant and the sprout develop a bit, I will give them their own pot and label. I want the roots to establish in the new pot.

    They still need to get to be a three-pseudobulb family before I can expect flowers which will be two years.