Friday, May 28, 2010

Rodriguezia decora

Rodriguezia decora - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe SCOS organizes some fun events outside of the regular monthly meeting. One of the most fun is the potting party held in May. I got a piece of Rodriguezia decora from the potting party two years ago. There were two pseudobulbs with a 4-inch rhizome and I mounted it on a 14-inch piece of cork bark.

Rodriguezia decora - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Rodriguezia (Rdza) contains about 30 species mostly found in Brazil. Rodriguezia decora grows in Brazil in cool to warm mountain forests and grasslands.

My idea in putting a relatively small plant on that big piece of cork was that it would last a few years before it outgrew the mount but it has taken only two years. It is an attractive plant and it has a nice fragrant flower, but in a greenhouse where I am looking for space and all the easy decisions have been made, it may have to go.


  1. Very pretty! Do these like it a little wetter than the Tolumnias?


  2. I am growing it quite wet and it seems to love it. This level of moisture would be far too much for Tolumnias.