Monday, June 21, 2010

Cattleya forbesii

Cattleya forbesii - Plant photo by Richard LindbergIn February I got a division of Cattleya forbesii that had six pseudobulbs and poor roots. But it DID have a new growth. As soon as roots started to appear I cut off a couple of pseudobulbs with the new growth and mounted it on a piece of cork bark.

Cattleya forbesii grows in Brazil near the coast and streams near the ocean. It is fragrant, cool to warm growing and blooms in the winter. It is best grown mounted and in bright light.

Cattleya forbesii backbulbs have sproutedThe remaining pseudobulbs were put back in the pot. This is a pot with no medium sitting in intermediate light in a splash zone. That is, it isn't watered but not kept dry either.

Both these pictures were taken last week. The first is the mount showing how much root has developed. It will be attached very soon.

The mouse roll-over is the backbulbs that were put back. This piece has started two new growths. This piece will also be mounted.

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  1. That looks familar! I'm sure it will do better under your care than it did under mine.