Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cattleya walkeriana 'Purple Plane'

Cattleya walkeriana v flamea 'Divina'Not long ago I removed a Cattleya walkeriana 'Purple Plane' from its mount. It was from the Sonoma collection and had done nothing through all of last year. I had left it alone to see where any leads were and because there were other plants more in need of attention.

Cattleya walkeriana grows in Brazil. It is fragrant and needs bright light. A lot of Cattleya hybrids have this walkeriana as part of their makeup.

This species does NOT like to be disturbed. No orchid likes to be disturbed but many will tolerate needed re-potting without too much of a setback. If you get an orchid and the grower tells you that the species does not like to be disturbed, believe them. I have learned this the hard way a time or two, including one Cattleya walkeriana.

This Cattleya walkeriana barely survived last year but is trying to get restarted this yearThe way to deal with this is to follow the potting guidline regarding when to re-pot. That is, re-pot at a time of new growth. For growing in a pot that means that there are an inch of new-growth roots. For mounting I go earlier than that, just as soon as I can see where the new roots are growing from. That spot goes next to the mount. That way the plant will attach quickly. Older roots will not attach, you need new roots.

That piece of sphagnum is on the rhizome and is just there as a pad under the nylon line holding the plant in place. There is no sphagnum under the the plant.


  1. I would suggest that you not repot with active growth, but rather repot when there are *roots* emerging.

    C. dowiana, along with many other speices, send their roots out after the pseudobulb is completely finished. If you repot dowiana as new growth is coming, you'll severely set the plant back, as the new growth requires the old roots

  2. I see where roots are coming and want them in contact with the mount through the full growth cycle. Divisions that have roots are getting watered.

    This particular piece does have some root and I left the pseudobulb hanging off the edge to get the best placement for the new roots.