Monday, June 28, 2010

Encyclia aspera

Encyclia aspera - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMy Encyclia aspera plant came to me as a sliver of a backbulb four years ago. It has hung on and even grown a little, but a far cry from what four years growth should be. I have re-read the notes on the species on and this time will pay attention.

Encyclia aspera - Plant photo by Richard LindbergEncyclia aspera grows in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in low elevation forests. It is hot growing and fragrant. It needs even watering bright light. In cultivation it does best mounted.

The plant is hot growing. My greenhouse has only been changed from an intermediate greenhouse to a warm greenhouse (base of 62 degrees) less than a year.

The plant needs even watering and feeding all year. I have been cutting back on winter watering so it has been too dry. I can move it to Sonoma for the winter.

The plant has been in rock. As soon as new growth appears, probably soon, I will mount it.

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