Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Laelia bradei

Laelia bradei out of the pot with NO live roots

I have bought several small Brazilian species in the past few months and this Laelia bradei is a recent addition. It is a bit of a disappointment, having no live roots and a small piece in the pot to make it look larger.

There is a group of sellers on eBay who sell in this group of species. I think I have bought from most of them now and have started to decide which I may want to buy from again.

These pieces are going to be mounted. The lack of roots will make for a slow start, but may end up with a more attractive root system in a couple of years.


  1. Maybe it would be good to know what seller it was. Was it deceptive advertising? did you leave feedback? Was it cheap? Well in a greenhouse it will grow roots fast!

  2. This looks a LOT like a B. nodosa 'Minnie Mouse' I received from an ebay vendor who sells many rupicolous laelias... Came in three smaller pieces in one pot (rather than one larger plant in description) with no good roots.

    I left feedback indicating I wasn't very pleased with the condition and asked the seller for some advice on rehabbing it, but never heard back.

    Luckily, the two bigger pieces seem like they'll make it: one has started a small new growth and the other looks like it has an eye swelling. Still, my experience will definitely keep me from bidding on anything else from this seller.

    Good to see you back, Richard!

  3. I bought two at the same time and I will post about the second plant tomorrow. They were not expensive, $8.99.

    Deceptive advertising? Silly me, I just assumed there were roots on the plants, he didn't mention them. Still thinking about the feedback.