Saturday, June 26, 2010

Laelia mantiqueirae

Laelia mantiqueirae - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

This Laelia mantiqueirae is more like what I would expect when I buy an orchid plant. It has been growing in this pot and there is a good root system. I paid more for it but it doesn't need to be rescued. It might well bloom this fall.

Laelia mantiqueirae grows in Brazil above 3000' in the Mantiqueira mountains. It is a warm growing lithophyte that blooms in fall. It is also sold as Laelia pabstii.

I found the choice of medium interesting. It is in sphagnum moss and it is doing very well. I forget that growing on rocks is really often growing in cracks in the rocks where all kinds of plant material and moss might be found. I am going to up-pot it so the new growth has room but will take care not to disturb the root ball.


  1. You will "take care not to disturb the root ball." I usually remove the existing moss and gently spread out the roots when repotting. Is it best not to do this if the moss looks OK?

  2. I could do nothing at all. I plan to mount it but I like to have new growth when I do that.