Friday, June 25, 2010

Laelia sanguiloba

I bought this Laelia sanguiloba and Wednesday's Laelia bradei from the same vendor in the same sale. Anybody can have a problem with a single plant, but both of these plants had no live roots. They could not have been growing in the brand new bark that filled the pot.

Laelia sanguiloba, all dead roots but with a hint of an active eyeLaelia sanguiloba grows in Brazil, is warm growing and blooms in winter.

This plant has been mounted. There is probably an active eye and the hint of a second. I put those on the top so that if they sprout it will go up the bark.

I got the plants for the minimum bid. If they don't pull through I haven't lost much. On the other hand it is a new backbulb challenge.

The mount seems a bit small but the plant is very compact with a short rhizome. When the plant starts to grow it should be 3 or 4 years before it outgrows that piece of cork bark.


  1. If you are interested, the seller in question is veracruz37.

  2. Richard, I think many people grow this group of Laelias in rock (their natural substrate), though I don't see why mounts wouldn't work. Any reason you're not going with rock?

  3. Rocks are awkward and I figure that cork bark without any sphagnum will do. At least some of these grow in cracks rather than flat surface.

    The short answer is for my convenience.