Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anacheilium radiatum

Anacheilium radiatum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI have a large Anacheilium/Encyclia/Protheschea radiatum that had become a mass of backbulbs. There were six leads and it put on a credible display last year. I was going to divide it last year but waited until too late to do it. Yesterday I took it apart.

Anacheilium radiatum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergAnacheilium radiatum grows in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize to Costa Rica, possibly northern South America. It grows in varied type forests of tropical evergreen, mixed pine and oak. This warm to cool growing species does well mounted, or in a wire basket with wood chips. It is very fragrant.

I am not particularly worried about the spikes. If the division goes back into the same light conditions it should bloom. It is the new growth and the roots it will produce that are the key. I will pot all but one of these. They are excess and I will sell them on eBay once they are in the pot a month. I will mount one for my collection, which is going more and more to mounted plants.


  1. A terrific species - don't have one but it is on my list...

  2. I had the cochleatum species, a wild collected specimen from Jamaica for nearly 30 years. It grew like a weed, even in an apartment in Laramie, WY in winter. They are a hardy species.