Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ascocenda Salaya Sunset

Ascocenda Salaya Sunset - Flower photo by Richard LindbergAscocenda Salaya Sunset - Plant photo by Richard LindbergAscocenda (Ascda) is a very popular vandaceous hybrid. It is easier to grow than Vanda and has larger flowers than Ascocentrum.

I got this just after moving into the greenhouse and it produced spikes soon after I got it. It has bloomed every year. It is quite long-lasting.

As my collection philosophy continues to move from "any old orchid" toward wherever it is headed, this will not be part of it. It is too large to ship so if I sell it, it would be a local pickup deal. I may leave it in Sonoma when I eventually have to move out of that space.

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  1. I have no vandaceous plants, but when I get a greenhouse I would like to try a few.