Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cattleya bowringiana coerulea 'Blue Angel' x self

Cattleya bowringiana coerulea 'Blue Angel' x self - Flower photo by Richard LindbergAbout two years ago I got a nice Cattleya bowringiana coerulea 'Blue Angel' x self. It did well and bloomed in the spring. I divided the plant and this is one of the divisions. It is trying hard to survive and grow but I keep killing the new growth.

Cattleya bowringiana coerulea 'Blue Angel' x self - Flower photo by Richard LindbergCattleya bowringiana grows in Belize and Guatemala at low elevations on rocky cliffs. It is cool to warm growing and blooms in the fall. It needs a short rest after blooming.

Almost all orchids are most vulnerable at the point of now growth. They don't care for water standing in the new growth but most are not bothered most of the time. Cattleya bowringiana seems sensitive. I am pretty sure that sloppy watering is what has caused the three new growths to die. It is giving me another chance and I am going to watch carefully and water the medium only.


  1. Hey Richard, I have done this too! On the last two growths on my coerulea bowringiana, then I was checking on the plant and snapped off the next growth. Also, I have had trouble with my skinneri 'Casa Luna' & aurantiaca 'Spotted Queen'x self. I have the divsions of Roman Holidays' ready to send you. Do you want them sent to Napa?

  2. Yes, the address on the label. Thanks, I appreciate getting that division.

    I have been paying attention to keeping the watering low to the medium and so far so good, this new growth is starting to look more mature.