Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit' AM/AOS FCC/AOS

Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit' AM/AOS FCC/AOS - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe Sonama collection has some nice plants including a Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit' AM/AOS FCC/AOS. There were bugs and bug damage but I left it otherwise alone. After a couple of generations of clean pseudobulbs had grown I removed them and potted them separately. Two pseudobulbs is too small a division to take under normal division rules, but this is part of the rehabilitation effort and making the final plant nice to look at.

Cattleya percivaliana 'Summit' AM/AOS FCC/AOS backbulb divisionCattleya percivaliana 'Summit' AM/AOS FCC/AOS lead divisionCattleya percivaliana grows in Venezuela and Colombia in the mountains above 4000 feet near rivers. It is a large sized lithophytic plant out in the full sun. It is fragrant and blooms in the fall.

The four backbulbs went into a pot of rocks and sprouted in the spring. Now the roots on the sprout are mature enough I am going to separate the new growth and the pseudobulb next to it. I will pot that piece in bark and put the remaining portion back into rocks. Will it sprout again? Probably not, but there is a chance and this is a nice plant. It is worth a try.

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